zaterdag 30 augustus 2008


"Moon Rocket"


My old men back in the day, wonder if the car is still around..

vrijdag 29 augustus 2008


Coming up Das Drag Day


Just a cool graphic pic, to inspire al you bus owners out there..

New 2017cc stroker engine in progress

Random stuff

could be somewhere in the 70's but in fact it's 2008..

old advert of a nice young lady...

Crazy turbo engine..

The Underdog lives again!!

Scremerkit including, Bosch 010 got to have it....

Spotted at Brustem... and it aint the car

donderdag 28 augustus 2008

Cycles # 3 some nice bikes..

FUCK Volvo's...

Here's the reason why I feel so...
Some guy thought he should put his car in reverse,
without knowing why they put mirrors on his Volvo..
Unfortunately I was behind him..

Random EBI 2 pics...

What the F#$%?

Cool sign writing

Flaked hotrod from the UK

Now I know who stole my gardenbench last year?

Cool Japanese bikes.. cycles # 2

check this guys blog... cool!!

Always searching for cool bikes on the web..
(sorry for nicking them) Hmm... inspiration...

At our way home

maandag 25 augustus 2008


Couldn't decide which wheels I should buy for the '69...
Although I should focus on other things first,
build a new 1600 engine, and concentrate on the new project bug.
But they were so well priced last weekend...

New Tarantino movie...


zondag 24 augustus 2008

Race shop Ghia

somewhere in the '70's

EBI #2 2008

Brustem part 3

I'm positive that this mouse has known better times in his days...

Cool oval

Brustem part 2

Really nice late-looker... love the color

You're not alone Dennis...

cool looker

'NOS' back

Brustem was nice... exept for some shitty weather

nice replica

really nice oval slammed over Fuchs wheels

Cool splitty's