zaterdag 18 september 2010

Busy week...

but now the weekend is here!

zondag 12 september 2010

New daily!

Today I bought myself a new daily... like the 2 before this one really has to drive to work with me on a every day basis... hope I can hold on to that plan because the first two times it didn't work... the '69 has become a 'weekend warrior' and the 'spahrkäfer' is in full resto... Fuck it we'll see what happens.. (slam it, slam it, slam it!!!)

zondag 5 september 2010


on the cal-looklounge.. old pic of my car at EBI #1

Wellen 2010

Malanca ss 50cc
new scoot in town straight from Venezia Italy

bought some tanks for future projects!

from Italy searching for a new owner

with additional mud and rust K54 Kreidler...

Carbid lighting anyone?

Cool Sarolea moped don't see these often

had one of thes when I was 7 or 8 years old..

Royal Nod Super Vedette don't ask for the price

Chick on a very nice Magneet Globemaster


Had a great time with my pops today, sniffing old petrol tanks and leaky carburettors at Wellen Belgium, mostly old mopeds and some old bikes, always a very nice swapmeet to go to! Took an old Malanca moped back home, she had run a lifetime before in Venice Italy, just can't help myself arround these things...

zaterdag 4 september 2010

Watch & listen

this song sticks like a thick on a dog... while riding the XS... it's true: life is on the wire all the rest is just waiting!